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You don't have to be a Grandpa.

Strong Grandpa is about creating your best self today, so that you can live your best life for years to come.  It is embracing where you are at in life with spirit, passion and a youthful heart.

Strong Grandpa is a unique brand and online community of supportive men who are passionate about physical and mental health.  You can be a Strong Grandpa at any age, it just takes a youthful heart and a desire to be your best self, so that you can give your best to those you love in later years.  We share stories to inspire and motivate one another through the ups and downs of life.  Our events and sponsorships highlight and celebrate amazing athletes of all ages, and Strong Grandpa gear looks amazing on the trail, in the gym or when you are out for a post game pint.

25% of all proceeds from our clothing sales are donated directly to charities that support mens mental and physical health. 

NTD:  ADD LOGO's and BIO of Charities that we will support.

Hilton Quinn

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The Adventure Crew

Our boys Christian and Curtis may be young and fit, but it takes a strong Grandpa to execute a great adventure!  These fine young men help us with events and social media.


Chris Richer

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